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Press Release:  SILVER-AMI Study

Pinch Gauge Repair and Calibration    more info

Hand Dynamometer Repair and Calibration    more info

The Black B&L Pinch Gauges are known as the "Gold Standard" in Pinch Strength Measurement and used in numerous Published Papers and Normal Data.

For a reminder letter or email when your Pinch Gauges and Hand Dynamometers are due for Calibration...  Pinch/Grip Gauge Registration

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Passive Retro-Reflective Markers for Optical Motion Capture Systems

Pearl Reflective Markers -- 6.4mm to 19.0mm (premium quality)

Traditional Reflective Markers - - Small (1.5mm to 5.0mm)

Traditional Reflective Markers - - Medium (6.4mm to 19.0mm)

Traditional Reflective Markers - - Large (25.4mm to 38.1mm)

Navigation Pearls -- Sterile Retro-Reflective Spheres for Image Guided Surgery

Snap-type Sterile Reflective Spheres 5-Pack

Twist-type Sterile Reflective Spheres 3-Pack

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