Stride Analyzer - Wireless

Wireless Stride Analyzer -- How well does my patient walk?
Originally developed at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center under the direction of Dr. Jacquelin Perry

Stride Analyzer - Wireless - Upgraded to Windows 7 This microprocessor-based system accurately measures gait characteristics such as velocity, cadence, stride length, and gait cycle. It can also compute left and right swing, stance, single and double support. Foot switches are used to detect foot/floor contact. The five standard adult (Men's and Women's) sizes included are M-7, M-9, M-11, W-5, and W-7. Children's sizes are available (C-1, C-6, and C-11). The footswitches are connected to small transmitters the are attached to the patient's ankles. The Transmitters detect footswitch changes and transmit those changes while the patient walks along a measured walkway. The system comes with Stride Analyzer software for Microsoft Windows and a complete user manual. A Microsoft compatible computer is required but not included.
Stock No.: SA-VII
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