Hand Dynamometer and Pinch Gauge Calibration Services

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Why Do Thousands of Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals, and Physical Therapy Clinics

Worldwide Depend on B&L Engineering Every Year ?

Even though we are less expensive than the competition at only $69.95 per instrument– it’s not the price.

Even though we test, calibrate, and ship all brands of hand dynamometers and pinch gauges back to you within 24 hours – it’s not the fast turnaround time.

All Hand Dynamometersare calibrated with the same accuracy Elaine E. Fess specified in the

1987 Journal of Hand Therapy.[1]

And even though facilities accepting Medicare are required by law to have their measuring instruments calibrated annually (42 CFR 410.33) – that’s still not why thousands of facilities worldwide depend on B&L Engineering year after year.

In 1967, founder Ernest Bontrager invented the B&L Engineering® Mechanical Pinch Gauge - the instrument Virgil Mathiowetz PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA used to develop pinch strength normative data for adults[2] and children[3]. He named our pinch gauge the “Gold Standard in Pinch Strength Measurement.”4

From that day forward, B&L Engineering entered the calibration world. And we’ve earned ourselves quite a reputation. You see, when thousands of facilities worldwide send their instruments to us, there is only one concern they know we handle better than the rest - PRECISION.

Here’s how we do it.







Pinch Gauge Accuracy

B&L Engineering® Mechanical Pinch Gauges are calibrated to plus or minus 1% of full scale. Six separate before and after measurements are performed to ensure accuracy.As with our Hand Dynamometers,an officialCertificate of Calibration with all “as-is” and “after calibration” measurementsis included.

We Calibrate All Brands of

Hand Dynamometers and Pinch Gauges


Jamar®, Baseline®, and North Coastare but a few of the Hand Dynamometers and Pinch Gauges sent in for calibration. We adhere to the NIST Standards and use Digital Force Gauges with accuracyof 1/100th of a pound. What does this mean? Quite simply it means one thing - PRECISION.

What’s more, we make it easier than ever for you to maintain up-to-date records and keep up with yearly calibrations. Here’s why.

You will automatically receive notification reports when your instrument’s annual calibration due date is near.This report includes serial number, description, calibration due date, and date of last calibration for all instruments we have serviced.

Save $50 If Your Instrument is Beyond Repair

If your instrument cannot be repaired and calibrated, we offer a $50 trade-in discount towards the purchase of a brand new B&L Engineering® Hand Dynamometer,Mechanical Pinch Gauge, or 3-piece Hand Evaluation Kitall backed by a Two Year Warranty!So if there is ever a problem, we will fix it. Guaranteed!


No RMA is Required

Simply complete and include the Repair and Calibration Form (available at www.bleng.com) when sending your instruments to us.

     We take calibration seriously here at B&L Engineering. The way we see it, we’re not just ‘fixing instruments’, we’re helping patients by ensuring the accuracy of instruments used for hand strength evaluation.

We look forward toproviding excellent service for your facilityand helping you to obtain the most accurate patient evaluations possible.How? With one thing- PRECISION.