Marker Clusters

Light-weight, thin, rigid plastic fixtures for use with Visual3D and other motion analysis software. Body segments available include: foot, heel, shank, thigh, fore arm, upper arm, lower and upper back, and headband.
Cluster Plates have extra holes so that the Reflective Markers can be re-positioned.
Limb segment wraps come in either Neoprene or FabrifoamĀ® for Velcro attachment.
Custom sizes and shapes of plastic fixtures (plates) and limb segment wraps available.
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  1. Marker Cluster Wrap

    Marker Cluster Wrap

    One limb segment wrap in Fabrifoam or Neoprene.
  2. Marker Cluster Plate

    Marker Cluster Plate

    Individual limb segment marker cluster plate
  3. Marker Clusters - Head

    Marker Clusters - Head

    Stretchable head band with reflective markers
  4. Marker Clusters - Back

    Marker Clusters - Back

    Set for the back includes marker cluster for Upper Back and Lower Back
  5. Marker Clusters - Leg

    Marker Clusters - Leg

    Set for one leg includes marker clusters for the Thigh, Shank, Foot and Heel
  6. White FabriFoam Wraps

    Marker Clusters - Arm

    Upper Arm and Forearm Marker Clusters
  7. Complete Set of Marker Cluster Plates

    Marker Clusters - All

    Two Legs, Two Arms, Waist, Upper Back, and Headband.
  8. Markers with M4 Threaded Stud

    Replacement Markers for Cluster Plates -- Set of 10

    Replacement Markers with M4 Set Screws for attachment to Cluster Plates. Set of 10.
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