Marker Clusters - All

Two Legs, Two Arms, Waist, Upper Back, and Headband.

The complete set of marker clusters includes cluster plates and reflective markers for the entire body (2 MC-LEG, 2 MC-ARM, 1 MC-BACK, and 1 MC-HEAD), and can be ordered with either Traditional Markers or Pearl Markers. The cluster plates have extra holes for positioning the markers to meet your configuration requirements. The Velcro® backing easily attaches to your choice of white Fabrifoam® or black neoprene limb wraps. Light-weight, thin, rigid plastic fixture with Reflective Markers attached. Neoprene or Fabrifoam® limb segment wraps for Velcro attachment included. One for each body segment: foot, shank, thigh, fore arm, upper arm, lower and upper back, and headband. For use with Visual3D and other motion analysis software.
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