Footswitches, Insole, Pair

The Footswitches are worn as insoles in the subject's shoes or taped to the bottom of bare feet, and indicate the total time each foot is and is not bearing weight. Contacts are provided in the Heel, 5th Metatarsal, 1st Metatarsal, and Great Toe areas to indicate when these areas of the foot are bearing weight. The heel section is separated from the forefoot section so that one pair of switches can accommodate a range of shoe sizes. Each Footswitch has a thin cable with 5 leads (one for each switch and common).

Custom sizes, shapes, and sensitivity available.

New and improved materials and construction:

  1. Thin and flexible but very durable black awning material instead of duct tape
  2. Flexible printed circuit reduces the possibility for wire breakage
  3. The outer edges of the footswitches are sewn and trimmed for easier fit in shoes

Sizes and Dimensions: 

Stock No.: FSW

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