Footswitch D/A Encoder

Footswitch data from up to four switches is converted into an analog voltage level that can be digitized along with other analog data.

The Footswitch D/A Encoder is the small box in the photo. It is powered by a re-chargeable 3.7V Lithium Ion Battery. Charger is included at the upper left.

Compatible with B&L Engineering Footswitches.

The four switches in a B&L Engineering Footswitch are encoded into a voltage level. Each switch has a unique voltage level that is two times the previous level. The encoded voltage is the sum of the closed switches. Heel = 0.2 V 5th = 0.4 V 1st = 0.8 V Toe = 1.6 V If the Heel, 1st, and 5th Metatarsals are closed (in contact with the floor), then the voltage level is 0.2V + 0.8V + 0.4V = 1.4 V.
Stock No.: FSW-Encoder
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