EMG Analyzer Software

Complete evaluation of EMG during gait or any cyclical activity.

The EMG Analyzer Software was designed to provide a complete evaluation of muscle activity of the lower extremities during gait. The results are presented graphically and in text form. The Windows graphical user interface makes learning to use the software both quick and easy. The software is used in conjunction with EMG and Footswitch or Motion Analysis data acquisition hardware, which is described below.

Features: A complete Toolbar for quick access to frequently used functions No limits on duration of Trial or the number of EMG Channels. Gait cycle events from Footswitches or Foot Markers (from Vicon or Motion Analysis System). Gait cycle events can be added, modified, or deleted. Any subsection of a Trial can be processed Input file formats: WinDaq A/D (.dat) or Vicon or Motion Analysis (.c3d) An optional Butterworth Bandpass filter can be used on the EMG channels to digitally filter out unwanted frequencies. User defined EMG Significance Level for Surface and Fine Wire Electrodes Subject and Group Means Printer Setup and Print Preview within the EMG Analyzer A typical test consists of the following steps: 1. The electrodes and footswitches or foot markers are placed on the patient. A RESTING trial is performed (the EMG data is digitized by an A/D in a PC) followed by a MAXIMUM EFFORT run for each muscle (or group) associated with an electrode. The WALKING or other trials can then be performed. 2. The EMG Analyzer Software is used to quantify the data and plot the raw or integrated EMG and Gait Parameters. The integrated EMG is normalized to the Maximum Effort (or maximum during gait if not available). 3. The EMG and Gait Parameters from the patient are compared with Normal data. The NORMAL data was obtained from two sources: (1) Adult Wire EMG data and Adult Footswitch data Pathokinesiology Service Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center Building 800, Room 33 7601 E. Imperial Hwy. Downey, CA 90242 (2) Child Surface EMG data and Child Footswitch data The Development of Mature Walking - a book written by David H. Sutherland, M.D., et al Motion Analysis Laboratory Children's Hospital & Health Center 3020 Children's Way San Diego, CA 92123
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